PANDA Studio is patent protected including US patents 10425697, 10805687, 11039218, 11356742, 11770591 and 11871088. Learn more.
Meet PANDA Studio
Watch &
Bet SaaS

Sports media, betting affiliates, and sportsbooks trust PANDA to stand out from the crowd and generate more revenue with Watch & Bet experiences. Use PANDA Studio to stream any live or pre-recorded video enhanced with contextually matched live bets, in-stream commerce, and community — fully automated and at scale.

PANDA Studio is patent protected including US patents 10425697, 10805687, 11039218, 11356742, 11770591 and 11871088. Learn more.

Get Up & Running In Minutes

PANDA's plug & play platform is easy to use and requires no custom coding. From PANDA's dashboard, set up your betting and engagement options and then schedule, stream or upload your video — PANDA handles the rest.

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Why Watch & Bet

Generate more revenue and engagement instantly. Built specifically for the confluence of online sports betting and digital media, PANDA's Watch & Bet platform drives signups, betting velocity, and deposits while offering an immersive lean-in viewing experience that fuels engagement and customer retention.

More Bets
Watch & Bet has been shown to increase the amount of bets viewers make by up to 50%
More Signups
Integrated live betting odds see up to 4x the number of clicks compared to traditional ad units
More Action
Viewers are 87% more likely to place a bet if suggested to do so by a trusted source

Multiple Revenue Streams

With PANDA, increasing your First-Time-Deposit (FTD) commission is just the tip of the iceberg. Generate even more revenue from your sports betting shows with in-stream commerce, sponsorship, and even premium subscriptions — all from one platform.

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Easily plug in your affiliate code from one (or multiple) sportsbooks to get paid for any signups you send their way


Connect your PANDA account with Shopify to offer viewers the ability to buy physical or digital merch in-stream


Offer sponsors the ability to get in front of your audience with chat and banner ads, video commercials, and other native ad placements


Launch a full-blown subscription service that keeps your best content behind a paywall, fully powered by PANDA

Compatible With

Display live odds from DraftKings alongside your videos
Display live odds from FanDuel alongside your videos
Display live odds from BetMGM alongside your videos
Display live odds from Caesars alongside your videos
Display live odds from Tipico alongside your videos
Display live odds from BETFRED alongside your videos
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Multichannel Distribution

Easily embed PANDA's Watch & Bet player on your website, app, or editorial content, or use PANDA to power a fully branded video portal on your domain or subdomain. What's more, harness social by automatically restreaming your content from PANDA to multiple platforms at once.

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Launch a video portal right on your website that's seamlessly integrated with your brand and optional paywalls


Embed individual broadcasts directly into any number of blogs or articles on your own website or on any third-party websites


Restream your videos to up to five social media platforms at once and harness our suite of social media integration features
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transcript transcript
Since switching from another platform four years ago, we have seen engagement grow, viewership grow, and revenue grow – exponentially. Our entire business has been able to evolve thanks to the streaming tools and features that PANDA’s platform provides.
Evelyn Magley
CEO, The Basketball League
transcript transcript
We saw strong engagement using PANDA to enhance our live video with integrated bets.
Jason Pamer
Chief Product Officer, American Affiliate Co.
transcript transcript
As Canada’s premier professional basketball league, we needed a streaming platform with world-class interactivity, rock-solid reliability, and which provided us with every opportunity to maximize revenue and fan engagement. PANDA delivered. That’s why we have partnered with them again for the 2023 season.
Audley Stephenson
Commissioner, National Basketball League of Canada

Drive Engagement

More than just sports betting, PANDA lets you add live chat, curated social content, and even clickable on-air graphics to your streams. The result? Lean-in viewing experiences that keep viewers engaged and coming back for more.

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Any Video Player

Built In
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Self-Serve Dashboard

From industry-leading analytics and engagement tools to powerful visual editors and integrations, PANDA's dashboard puts you in full control of your audience. Invite your whole team with permission-based access and manage multiple properties from a single dashboard.

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View your stats & earnings in near real-time and discover trends and insights tailored just for sports betting affiliates


Use our visual (no-code) editor to setup a look & feel that authentically matches your brand or use custom CSS for more flexibility


Invite your whole team to collaborate and manage multiple channels all from one permission-based Dashboard


Moderate live chat, trigger bet picks, and feature social content during a live show from one easy-to-use interface

The Buzz

The latest sports betting news and platform updates direct from the PANDA team.

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