Integrate with Twitch

Utilize a rich integration with Twitch that includes an interactive overlay extension that displays clickable bets over the video or simply restream your broadcast with baked-in betting odds/lines.

Auto Baked-in Graphics

Restream your video from PANDA to Youtube with baked-in odds/lines, overlays and tweet spotlights.

Drive Viewers to O&O

Display a promo message or CTA in your Youtube video that incentivizes viewers to visit your owned & operated website. When the same video is viewed on your PANDA-powered website, the promo message is covered by a video overlay ad*.

*Also works on Twitch, Facebook and Twitter

Use Youtube Player on O&O

Embed Youtube video on your PANDA-powered website enhanced with clickable live bets and PANDA's full set of interactive features.

Integrate with Instagram

Instagram panel on PANDA shows latest posts from a linked account.

The Complete Watch & Bet Platform

Monetizing your video streams with Watch & Bet and in-stream commerce has never been easier. Book a demo to see how you can start monetizing your content today.

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