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Live video has surged in popularity over the last half decade, opening up new opportunities while expanding existing markets. With dozens of live video providers, content producers and brands may find it difficult to navigate the rapidly evolving and growing space. PANDA Interactive’s new whitepaper, The Future of Live Depends on Ultra Low Latency and Technology, describes the most critical aspects of technology to focus on in order to select the provider most likely to optimize your live content and minimize friction when viewers are motivated to act. Learn why ultra low latency and integrations are both necessary and work together to produce best in class content and higher sales results.

How is the live video market evolving and why is that important?

Drafted by Panda’s in-house data science experts, this whitepaper explores how live video is becoming more nuanced, both in terms of what is possible as a result of ultra low latency and the tools available to improve KPIs.

What You'll Learn

How You'll Benefit

Panda’s white paper was conducted by scientists with extensive experience and expertise in market research and behavioral and psychological sciences, and specific industry experience in video technology applications. The information provided will enable more confident selection of a live video platform provider, and equip readers with the knowledge required to make decisions best suited to their needs. Panda lays out how the market is changing, the reasons why ultra low latency will become necessary for many applications, and why considerations for technology integration are critical to take advantage of the new opportunities reduced latency affords.

Download the free white paper now to get a detailed understanding of how and why ultra low latency is changing the live video landscape and what other factors need to be considered in order to best make use of the emerging technology.

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