Understanding the Psychology That Drives Consumer Behavior

Why is Live Shopping so effective? What do I need to know and understand to create a highly effective live shopping experience? How do I optimize streams to not only generate sales but generate brand loyalty? PANDA Interactive’s new whitepaper, Live Shopping Best Practices: Understanding the Psychology That Drives Consumer Behavior, explains why live shopping is a uniquely effective tool and how you can leverage knowledge about consumer behavior and psychology to generate a feeling of belonging with your brand and products that translates into both good will and higher sales.

Why is Live Shopping Becoming So Popular?

Drafted by PANDA’s in-house science experts, this exclusive white paper explores the reasons why live shopping is uniquely effective at driving brand loyalty and sales.

Live shopping will account for over $480 billion in sales in China in 2022, and is expected to reach nearly 20% of total retail e-commerce sales.

All indications suggest that this pattern and growth is highly likely to replicate in the US and most of the anglosphere, presenting a once in a generation opportunity to participate in of one of the fastest growing commerce trends.

What You'll Learn

How You'll Benefit

PANDA’s white paper is based on modern psychological theory and its intersection with human-computer interaction research. Understanding why people make decisions to attend, engage and convert with content will better position your sales, content and marketing strategies to participate successfully in the highest growth area of e-commerce.

Download the free white paper now to get a detailed look at the best practices that lie behind the most successful live shopping experiences across the globe.

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