The Future of Live Betting in the U.S.

The online sports betting market in the US is still in the early stages of legalization and roll-out, presenting an unprecedented opportunity to participate in one of the fasted growing consumer markets in the country. How does live betting factor into the market? How do we know that live betting will be adopted in the US? What is the most effective format and solution for a watch and bet experience? PANDA’s new white paper: Live Betting: The Future is Here and Spreading Fast explains the evolution of live betting in various markets across the globe, why adoption in the US is highly likely to follow trends in other markets, and how various market participants can successfully participate in this high growth area.

Why Are Sportsbooks Increasingly Focused on Live Betting Products?

Drafted by PANDA’s in-house science experts, this exclusive white paper explores the reasons why live betting is growing faster than other sports betting products and how to leverage this trend.

In the US alone, the online betting market is expected to grow from approximately $2 billion in 2022 to nearly $40 billion by 2033, representing 20x market growth.

These values do not include the massive opportunities for non-sportsbook participants like 2nd screen experiences, sport specific expert commentary and entertainment, or betting experts.

What You'll Learn

How You'll Benefit

PANDA’s white paper was conducted by scientists with extensive experience and expertise in market research and behavioral and psychological sciences, and specific industry experience in sports and gaming. These insights will uncover a deeper understanding of where the US is in the evolution of sports betting in relation to other world regions, why the US is poised to follow growth observed in other areas, and how the US differs in critical aspects of the sports betting market. PANDA lays out the critical features that diverse market participants can deploy and leverage to participate successfully in this hyper growth market.

Download the free white paper now to get a detailed understanding of the live sports betting market in the US and how to participate in its growth.

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